4 Reasons it’s Important to Regularly Upgrade Your Servers

Upgrades to your servers are important. Regular upgrades improve the performance of your system, consolidate information, improve reliability, and offer customers a better experience. Your organization also saves a tremendous amount of money every year via the operating costs. Take a look below to learn four of the top reasons to upgrade your servers as soon as possible.

1- Improve Performance

The biggest reason to regularly upgrade your servers is to improve performance. An average 14% performance erosion occurs every year. Within five years, a server has only 40% of the performance that it had in new form. This leads to low performance and high failure rates which cause downtime and higher maintenance costs. Improve performance and that worry is no longer on your mind.

2- Asset Management

Modern management tools make it easy to track work and analyze performance over time. An upgraded server ensures that you receive those perks by providing the latest patches updates and even important wiring upgrades for server rooms victoria bc. Furthermore, you also gain the assurance that you’re in compliance with government specifications for the servers.

3- Accelerate Performance

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An optimized serve accelerates the performance of your PC system.  You can then operate in a fully virtualized environment with more powerful systems that reduce energy consumption and cooling costs and data center space requirements and maintenance needs. If you want to accelerate performance, a server upgrade is the answer.

4- Service Warranty

If the service warranty included with the servers is about to expire, then it’s a good indication that your servers have ran their lifespan and need to be upgraded. You do not want to continue using the servers without a warranty and face the burdensome costs of paying for new servers or upgrades.

4 Reasons it’s Important to Regularly Upgrade Your Servers